Estate Planning and Administration

Tobey Law Offices, LLC provides estate, trust and asset planning and related litigation services to individuals, business owners and charitable organizations, assessing each client's business and/or personal goals to fashion a plan that best achieves those goals. In devising each plan, we bear in mind the tax consequences that may arise and seek to minimize our clients' tax exposure in concert with each client's tax professional.

We consult with clients and their accountants on all aspects of personal tax and estate planning, including income, estate and gift taxes, wills and trusts, and charitable giving. We counsel business owners on all areas of tax and estate planning, including issues of succession planning and asset conservation in concert with their accountants. We provide advice on nonprofit status and related issues and assist in handling matters with the Internal Revenue Service.

Tobey Law Offices, LLC also assists clients with the administration of estates, from the gathering of information relating to the assets and liabilities, to the payment of requisite Pennsylvania and Federal Inheritance Taxes, preparation of tax returns and distribution to the heirs and beneficiaries.

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